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Cycling on Bali

Bali has definitely surprised me this recent visit and the main reason for that is the great bike ride we took across the island!

How pretty is this?

Relaxing Bali style

I think I might have mentioned somewhere before that our very first trip to Bali was not as expected. It was somewhere in 2009 and we had traveled across the Sunda Islands for three weeks. The plan was to relax a bit on Bali before heading home. But after the relatively poor Sunda Islands Bali seemed extravagant. Touristic and unreal. Yes, we did relax but other than that we didn’t see much of the island.

New chance

But the recent trip to Bali suddenly presented itself with a totally different view of the island. Yes, it is still touristic but it is a wonderful island and so pretty! Funny that I failed to notice that the first time. Or maybe I forgot but that seems somewhat unlikely.

The main reason for my chance of heart was the bicycle trip we had where we crossed through the rice fields, villages and along temples. I did find the bike a bit scary if I’m being totally honest but it does provide a great way to view the country side and get away from the more touristy parts of the island. So if you’re in the area I would highly recommend you rent a bike or take a bike tour.

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