I’m sure we all have similar experiences where you meet with a group of strangers and in the beginning you’re thinking; who are these people and they really do not seem to be nice… Then after a couple of days, you realize that they are not as bad as you thought they were and then finally you realize they are a wonderful group of people… I think the best example of that was when we went to Thailand 6 years ago; the first night we met with the entire group of 16 people and we went to bed that night thinking we would be having a rather horrible vacation as it was such a terrible group of people only to end up with the best vacation ever and the most fun group of people we had been with in a long while.

In fact; we are still seeing some of those people today…! So what is that?? Why is that? Is it because we tend to stick to the people we know rather then meet new faces? But then; I love meeting new people, so that just doesn’t seem right. But still it sort of happened in a small way the cooking week as well. In the beginning it was a little akward, but very quickly we ended up having a great time with a fun group of people.

Maybe it is also the activity that bonds; cooking together is almost guaranteed a quick way to get to know people. Same as travelling really. I’ve been in situations where a group of strangers felt like people we had known for a long time, after something as little as one day. Ofcourse this all only works if you want it to work. There will always be those people that should not be travelling in a group. For the simple reason that they are anti social and don’t like to spend time with other people (it always baffles me why those people would chose to go on a grouptrip anyway? What are they thinking??)


While our cooking group last week was made up of quite a variety of people, I do think we all got along quite well and it was sort of sad to have to say goodby after such a relatively short time. But hey we can always go back and cook some more next year!! All in all a fantastic week. So if you want to go and cook in France or be creative in France check out the website Kookstudio Amsterdam.

And I just had to finish with one last photo of Frits… (I wrote his name wrong the first time around… it’s not Fritz.. but Frits…!)


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