I’ve been thinking about this one for a while; should I share this story with you or not? Do I want to tell you how it really is? Because putting yourself in a vulnerable position and blogging might not always be a logical choice. On the other hand it might just provide me with the so called ‘ stick behind the door’ that I need. (and you can always skip it if you don’t want to read it)

That I’ve been struggling for years to maintain a healthy weight is apparent if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, but the last couple of months it seems that all control is gone. We are not eating, we are seriously bingeing. And I am talking about situations where we had a good meal (probably too much) and not ten minutes later we are eating some kind of cake of whatever is in the house. Not much later followed by a bag of cashewnuts, chips or whatever other snack is available at the time. Feeling completely stuffed but still feeling the urge to keep on eating. Continue until you’re so full you feel kind of sick.

My weight? I haven’t been on the scale lately but I don’t need the numbers to realise that my weight is at an all time high of probably around 3 figures in kilo’s. Or at least close to that. I am tall with 1.80 so it doesn’t show as much as you’d probably think but still it’s no where near healthy. In other words: I’m addicted to eating. So something has got to happen. Because it is apparent that we cannot continue like this. Of course it is fun to eat well and it’s fun to eat good but there are no brakes anymore. I can’t stop. Tom has exactly the same problem; every night we promise ourselves to do it differently the next day only to forget about that all two days later. And so here we go again… We eat too much again and drink too much again.


And yes, of course it is the time of year to have new years resolutions but in order to make sure this is going to be a serious thing, I figured it was time to admit I have a problem. I do have a difficult job in that respect. I am always and forever surrounded by food. But that cannot be an excuse to overeat every day of the week. So that has to change. And because I still don’t believe in dieting I want to approach this the sensible way and I will share my progress with you here as well. Because at some point it is no longer the issue of weighing a kilo too much but it becomes a healthy issue and that can never be the intention right? The fact that I am sharing this with you guys is my virtual ‘stick behind the door’. If 3000 people read this it will be a little tougher to share a recipe the next day containing 3 kilo’s of sugar πŸ™‚ I’m just saying…

So that’s said… Are you still here? Or have you ran away screaming? How I want to approach things? And yes we did give that some thought of course.

  1. Cooking healthy and good food. That’s of course a total no brainer, but will be the base of our new lifestyle. I want to keep on eating healthy food, lots of fresh greens, not too many carbs and mostly no sugar. I do think we need fat as I do not have a fat phobia and my problem is mainly sugar related.
  2. Exercising more. Goal; at least do some walking every day or at least half an hour to an hour. We’ve done that for a pretty long time and we need to get back into that routine. I’ve always had a gym subscription. Maybe I need to get one again. I love spinning, even though I’m thinking that might be a bit too much in this stage.
  3. No snacks, cookies, nuts, chips and/or wine for a while. Since that is our main breaking point it is essential we do not go and buy any of that. Because it is addictive. And that is really true.. So DO NOT BUY
  4. Doing a better meal planning. I’ve found that really helps for me. I love planning recipes for a week or so and it works best if I do that for the week ahead. It makes it easier to stick to healthy eating if I have what I need in the fridge or freezer and will make it easier to resist supermarket temptations if I do not have to go every day.
  5. On January 22nd I will start with the I quit sugar program from Sarah Wilson. It kind of feel liks I am going to a rehab clinic but maybe it is a little bit like that. No sugar for 8 weeks is probably gonna hurt but I know I can do it. And no, it is not a diet but I am seeing it more as a detox to get rid of the sugar addiction

So… that is about it. I will try and post an update once every week to let you know how it is going, how I am feeling etc. And if I am screaming crazy… πŸ˜‰ Wish me luck!


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