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What would the chicken be without the egg?


I have this dilemma that I need your help with… I have currently three different blogs. One in English which you are reading right now, and two in Dutch; Frog Bites and De Glazen Vork. Frogbites is basically the same as this one but in Dutch and De Glazen Vork is a sort of online culinary magazine with mostly recipes, events and other culinary things that are of interest. Now as you might have guessed it is taking a bit too much time (as if I couldn’t have thought of that before starting them!) and well a person can only do so much right? But what would you do? I’m definitely keeping this one as it is the oldest and I like the whole international foodie community. Wouldn’t want to miss it.

So that’s not even a question; but… what about the two dutch ones? They are both not as big as Junglefrog Cooking. I’ve had Frogbites for 2 years and the other for 6 months. De Glazen Vork is a shared thing together with other writers and theoretically costs me less time then Frogbites. Since the latter is a proper blog it requires more attention. Comments to be answered, other blogs to be visited. I just feel that I would abandon my followers if I stopped posting there. You know what I mean? Sort of like throwing away a brainchild.. 🙁 Does that sound silly?


While the foodblogging community is very international, there are still quite a few people in the Netherlands that have an issue with speaking or reading English. More then you would guess. So… I’m thinking of leaving Frog Bites behind (*shudder*) and just continuing with Junglefrog Cooking and De Glazen Vork. It’s also that I feel I’m losing creativity having to write blogposts in two languages about more or less the same topics. I never really repeat myself, so it is different but still… no good!

What would you do if you were me? What would you keep and what would you get rid of? Impossible question probably but I got to ask! I guess I already know the answer too but still….

Now over to more important business… For lunch I had this delicious and super easy egg dish. You can literally throw in loads of leftovers (as I used here sausages I had left and roasted bell peppers that needed using up) and it’ll still taste fabulous! It does take some time in the oven but if need be you could make this in a frying pan and be a bit quicker about it.


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