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Chicken, ham & Asparagus pie

Asparagus and pea pie with chicken |

See the lovely green color of those peas?? 🙂 I used frozen ones this time! Will not make the mistake of using canned peas (as here) again!

Today was a national holiday so we kind of spend the day cooking. Let me be more specific; I have been cooking (and baking) and Tom was busy (spring)cleaning the shed. After all that baking (to keep the suspense, check my blog on the 27th of May) I wanted to eat something quick and easy, so while going through some Good Food magazines I found the below recipe. And it was totally delicious!! I will definitely be making this again soon. It took about 10 minutes to make, 5 under the grill and voila. Ready!

The photos are quick snaps; didn’t feel like anything elaborate… 🙂


Brush 4 skinless chicken breasts with a little butter and grill, turning once, untill just cooked. Slice into chinks and tip into a shallow dish. Blanch 100 gr asparagus a


nd 100 gr peas untill just tender, then drain and scatter over the chicken with 100 gr ham, torn into pieces. Mix 100 ml creme fraiche with 1 tablespoon grainy mustard and dollop over the top, then scatter with 50 g breadcrumbs.

Dot with a little more butter and grill for 5 minutes untill golden and heated through. I also added a bit of freshly grated parmezan to the top.

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  1. Why what was wrong with the peas? I always use frozen peas. The first picture looks wonderful! I love the way that it fades out. I bet I can guess what you baked!

  2. those peas are so small.

  3. Oh, they are small. I don’t think I have ever seen fresh peas and I really don’t know why??

  4. No nothing wrong with the peas! I used canned peas in a previous recipe, so that is what I meant. I guess that was not very clear.. 🙂 Yes, they are small but I picked small ones as I find them tastier then the larger ones.

  5. MMMMMM….That dish looks superb, Simone! MMMMM….delicious!

  6. Asparagus and ham are a match made in heaven! I agree about canned peas: they kinda have a wrong colour!

  7. Oh, yum! What a great combination of spring flavors — and so simple and fast for a holiday!

    Definitely go for the fresh or frozen peas 🙂

  8. The vegetables look great, and the creme fraiche mustard breadcrumb topping is fantastic. Must have been delicious!

  9. Asparagus & ham such a match made in heaven. A gorgeous holiday dish for sure.

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