We all know dim sum right? Or should I say, we all think we know, dim sum? I thought I knew what dim sum was all about when I accepted to go for lunch in London with Alessio, Jackie, Su-Yin and Charmaine. I had not met the last two girls before, but we would eat and we would eat dim sum, so it had to be good… 🙂

I think Jackie picked the place Princess Garden in a side street of Oxford Street, so when Tom and I got of the plane, we went straight into the busy chaos of Oxford street and with some directions from Google maps we found the restaurant on North Audley street without any trouble. Our other four lunch-partners where already there and after saying our hello’s we all sat down at the table. While we arrived Jackie, Su-Yn and Charmaine were already discussing menu options while Charmaine proceeded to order them in fluent Chinese (I think it was Chinese, but then I have no idea and I forgot to ask..)

The first couple of bites we received were normal enough to not scare us. I think they probably felt we could handle those, but then we got this tasty looking dish in front of us and – as with every dish – we asked what it was. Jackie proceeded to tell us, without blinking an eye, that these were chicken feet.


Chicken feet??? Yes, they are first deep frozen and then cooked and then fried (I might have gotten this all wrong, but I was so mesmerized by the look of these feet that I forgot to pay attention) and then dressed in a delicious sauce, to disguise them to make them look like food. And yes, I did taste a tiny bit. Alessio, brave man, ate the biggest part of one foot and I stole one little joint from him. I mean; I could not walk away without at least trying, right? And to be quite honest; it was not as bad as you might have thought. It was crunchy (cartilage!!) but the taste was ok. Still the idea of eating the very same things we used to play with as kids after cleaning the chicken, sort of got me spooked a little! I actually think that the part I ate must have been the chicken’s toenail… Now you have to admit… that does not sound very good does it?


We then got loads more baskets in front of us and one of those was another first for me; tripe. I tried one piece and while it was not terrible to eat it’s also not going to be on my list of favorites.. lol… The rest of the food was absolutely delicious! I have to confess that I sort of forgot what we ate as it kept coming and every bite was as delicious as the next. It was also great fun to see Alessio and Jackie again and to meet Charmaine and Su-Yin. So thanks ladies and gentleman for giving us a great lunch experience!




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