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Chicken, chicken, chicken… foodphotography challenge #3


I had to think quite a bit for the third challenge; ofcourse there are plenty of options available and my head is filled with ideas but considering the fact that it is almost easter by the time I am finished with this challenge I figured chicken would be a good subject. So chicken it is… And you can shoot the chicken in all it’s various forms, as long as it is not alive (we have to put a limit somewhere. 😉 It can be a whole chicken, a poached chicken or a flattened butterflied chicken. Possibilities are endless. For inspiration I will post the recipe for this particular chicken you see here online tomorrow (it’s another Donnay Hay challenge recipe) ginger soy chicken.

What I did not take into account was the fact that the skin of the chicken got quite wrinkly once it was out of the oven, which did not make for a too pretty picture


I personally think chicken is a tricky subject. The whole chicken was dismissed as not being too pretty (see below) and the salad we put it on was a bit of wrong choice as well, so we decided to dissect the chicken. We also created another pinterest board where you will see a few chicken example photos.

The only condition for the challenge is that you need to be able to see that it is a chicken! So no ground chicken or no chicken in a pastry kind of thing. Chicken pieces are ok, chickenlegs, chicken fillets, as long as it is clear that it is a chicken!

Vel gaat heel snel rimpelen
Vel gaat heel snel rimpelen

The chicken can be on a plate, in an ovendish, on a stick.. The choice is yours entirely. Just make sure it looks appetizing!



  1. Chicken can be very simple or very hard and that is mainly due to whichever recipe you pick. A roasted chicken sometimes needs almost nothing to look pretty, but a chicken filet is a bit of a weird shape.. Or so I think.
  2. Pay attention to shine on the chicken if the chicken comes out of the oven or if you used a sauce.
  3. The same is true for it being dry; a dried out chicken doesn’t look tasty at all so pay attention to that when shooting your chicken. A little bit of extra sauce or a brush with a bit of oil will do miracles. But again make it sure you don’t overdo it. It’s not supposed to be a greasy blob.


Bloot kippetje
Bloot kippetje

The rules!

  • The final submission deadline to enter your link in the linky tool below is 20th of April 2014
  • Don’t use an existing photo but make a photo specifically for this challenge.
  • When you write a blogpost about this challenge and your results, make sure you include a link to this blogpost, so people can bookmark for next month!
  • Submissions are limited to one per person. When entering your photo into the linky tool make sure you select the right picture from your blogpost.
  • Your photo needs to feature a chicken; be it roasted, grilled, poached, whole or half… It needs to be the main focus of the photo.

HOW TO SEND IN YOUR PHOTO  (different from before so please read) 

OPTION 1 – send in through email (do this if you have no blog or other public place where we can find the photo)

  • Send your photo in max format of 800 px wide to me via Simone’s Kitchen
  • Make sure you mention the following details in your email: your name, your blogname and the link where I can find the photo and for which challenge you are entering.
  • I will go to your blog, instagram account, flickr page or whereever you tell me to find the image and pin it directly from there so it will link properly to the right blogpage.

OPTION 2 – enter your link in the linky tool below


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Check out all the entries for the challenges on our Pinterest Board

Our esteemed judges are:

Meeta van ‘What’s for lunch honey’

Kay van Kayotic Kitchen

Jenn van Jenncuisine

The judges are allowed to participate but cannot win!





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