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Let me first start by telling you that this burger is – while quite tasty – nothing special. No special skills required and certainly not something that would require a recipe… ever… I just felt like whipping something up for lunch today and well here it is.. The real reason I am bugging you today is because Tom and I are about to start our Black Box experiment this week! I am sure most of you are familiar with the concept of the black box. It’s been used in programs like topchef, masterchef and possibly other shows too that we do not have here…

Now for those of us that are not addicted to cooking shows (seriously?? You’re not??) let me explain what the fuzz is all about. The black box basically means you get a box (and guess what; the box is black!) and that is filled with ingredients. Out of those mystery ingredients you have to whip up a meal in an hour or more. The rules vary per tv show but in general you must use all the ingredients in the box. Sometimes you are allowed to use more, sometimes you are allowed to use less. Depends…

Chicken burger |

So Tom and I decided it would be so much fun to try that out for ourselves… First of all it is a great way to trigger our creativity in coming up with recipes and working with ingredients that you maybe wouldn’t pick yourself. We will take turns in filling the box vs being the person who has to cook. Tom is the lucky chef this weekend. I will give him the box on friday so he has one day to think about it and then has to prepare a meal for me on saturday! I can’t wait!! For those who are interested; here are our rules!

  1. Minimum of 3, maximum of 5 ingredients in the box. At least one ‘unusual’ ingredient
  2. Spices and herbs are allowed to be added in unlimited amounts
  3. Cookbooks are allowed for inspiration purposes only
  4. You need to make a main course out of the box contents
  5. It needs to taste good… ( 🙂 ) That is not strictly a rule though…

For starters, so we can get used to the whole idea, it is allowed to buy other things, but the idea is that we will make it harder as we go along. Rules to be changed as we see fit ofcourse! 🙂

Now I already know what I am gonna buy for the contents.. Ofcourse I will share the final results here on this blog and will share any recipes that come out of this that are worth sharing! So stay tuned for round1 very very soon….

Chicken burger

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