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The Chef & I ; bookreview and a give away!

I met Mona a little over a year ago now during the infamous Plate to Page inaugural session in Weimar in may of 2011. Can’t believe it’s been that long ago already! The good news is that I will be meeting Mona again in two months from now! Sometimes when you meet someone, you just know that it’s gonna be good. Meeting Mona was like that. She is such a down to earth, warm, friendly and funny person that you can’t help but love her immediately.


At the time Mona was already enrolled in her writing studies and as became very clear during all the exercises we did, she was already a very gifted writer. So when I heard that there would be a series of books coming out about Mona’s life with her Chef, including some of his famous recipes I could not wait to get my hands on one. At that point however I still had to wait another year almost! Mona kept teasing everyone of us with little bits about the book, showing us the cover or a recipe that would be in it… (she sure knows how to build momentum!)

You have to know that Mona also has a insanely popular blog called Wise Words and I’d be surprised if you haven’t been there yet but if you haven’t hop on over! You’re gonna love it.


Now over to the book…. I received it a week or two ago and what can I say? The book IS Mona. Every word, every sentence written sounds like her. Or at least the way I have come to know Mona. It’s personal, it’s emotional, it’s funny and it’s everything a good book needs to be. Plus there are delicious recipes in it too. Recipes, that – for the moment – will have to wait for me to make them, as I sort of have to stick to the diet for a while (going really well!!) but I am dying to make them! (O and yes I realize the picture above is in mirror image, but that’s what happens with webcams… I promise the book to win will be normal.)

I’m not gonna give you any spoilers but this book, the first book, is the story of how Ron and Mona met while Mona was working in the US. The story of how they fell in love, their child wish that didn’t really go very smoothly and o so much more. What can I tell you? You should really get the book yourself and dive head first into the stories. I’m sure you’re gonna love it.

Now the good part I saved till last as you can win a copy of the Chef and I! The only thing you need to do is leave a comment and letting me (and Mona) know why you think you really deserve to win this. The winner will be picked using the random winner selector…

So go on, leave a comment!

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