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How not to change your domainname…

Jeezzzz… I can make it so hard on myself sometimes… And well also for the rest of humanity (well, ok let’s not exaggerate..the few people that are following me) Because; what is my name on Twitter again? Is that @simoneskitchen or @junglefrog or was it @wickdkitchntale or was there even another name somewhere out there? Yes, there was but that one is eliminated so let’s not go there! Otherwise it would get really confusing! O and let’s not even talk about all the old blogs that are now past tense… Because the final goal is to have just two blogs; one Dutch and one English. Period.

Humphrey’s Kitchen Tales i also an option!.. Haha

Making a decision about the name of your blog is soooooo hard! Very, very hard. And I always see the most beautiful blog names pass by; the one even more inventive and pretty than the other and then I have to come up with a name for myself and I can literally spend days of sleepless nights.. Just wondering. But the worst part is that I am always second guessing myself. Wouldn’t it be better if or maybe I should do this or that?

Also a plus would be to know for sure what it is gonna be because jumping in and starting to change it all. Which is what I am known to do… Cause it doesn’t help for clarity so to speak!

My blog Junglefrog Cooking is ready for a new name ( in case you missed it somewhere) and I have picked Wicked Kitchen Tales… Although… somewhere along the line  Hazel Hardijzer suggested I make it Simone’s Kitchen Tales… Because that would be handy…. Oooooo, is what I thought! Hmm, maybe she is right. So it would be Simone’s Kitchen in Dutch and Simone’s Kitchen Tales in English. That is easy to remember and not to confusing I would hope. And I could do with one twitter account in both English and Dutch…

And so here I am doubting myself again… Boy o boy… so if you’re thinking of changing your domainname. Do not do the following!

  1. Don’t publish a name before you have everything set and ready. If people think you should have named it differently (and make you doubt yourself all over again) it is simply too late to change. Problem solved.
  2. If you’ve chosen a name but are not sure yet; wait with setting up a twitteraccount/facebookpage/website until you’re 100% sure. Or at least wait before actively doing anything with it
  3. And you can never please everyone, there will always be people that think you should have done x, y or z. That’s just the way things work!

In the meantime I am still undecided….; Simone’s Kitchen Tales of Wicked Kitchen Tales?


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