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Cat tales – Gizmo

Young and old
Young and old

Now before I start let me explain one thing; I mainly talk about Gizmo here because she is the most “visible” cat in our household. She follows me around everywhere I go and ‘sits’ on me every chance she gets. So it’s not that I love her most… but that she loves me most…:)

I was looking for old photos of her today and found this adorable shot of when she was 13 weeks old and driving us completely insane. If you’ve been following the blog of Erin, with her amazing tales of the incredible Watson… well Gizmo was a bit like that when growing up. Completely impossible most of the times, anything that moved, she had her little claws in. If you would have seen me back then… I was completely covered in scratches most of the time. I can still remember taking the photo of her as it took endless patience to get her to sit still on the floor and looking at me with her big ears. That is why she is named Gizmo in the first place; because of her large ears. Looks a bit like a gremlin right?

At the time that Gizmo came into our household, we already had three cats; Lapje (who passed away), Joepie and Witje. My friend Jacqueline, had a Siamese who had run of with the neighbour cat and got herself pregnant of little bastards… ๐Ÿ™‚ That was the second time she did that, the little slut… She was supposed to get full bred Siamese offspring and not a random nest of little adorable kittens of no-breed whatsoever.

Now I told Jacqueline I would not come around unless I knew that all the kittens had a home. I know myself; can’t resist a kitten when I see one! So finally on day X in 1992 I was told it was save to come by. So I go over to her place and what do I find? Two little kittens staring up at me… One little black one which I knew Jacq was gonna keep herself and then there was this little grey furball. And as if she knew, she immediately jumped on my lap and curled up in my arms. Who can resist that? So there was cat number four…. Apparently the guy who had picked her up brought her back because she was running around on his white leather sofa… Come on, it’s an 8 week old kitten!!

True love
True love

But having said that; I am glad that he did. I didn’t need very long to convince Tom that we really needed to give a good home to Gizmo. He has a big mouth but when it comes to kittens, he is almost worse then me… ๐Ÿ™‚

We picked her up, which was a bit cruel as we had to get her away from her home and she was screaming so loud in the car that people passing by where trying to look into the car if we were abducting someone! Well and that was the beginning of her life with us. And it’s been a good one. She always manages to charm everyone. She is funny and can pull amazing faces. She has a morning temper… Really, it’s true. She always likes to play around, except early in the morning. I’ve never managed to take a photo of her with her morning temper unfortunately (I don’t exactly sleep with my camera next my bed…lol) but maybe I will one day.

Checking back on her old photos you can really see how thin she has become due to her thyroid gland problem, but thankfully it’s pretty stable right now.


She does look a bit thin and scruffy, doesn’t she? Anyway, that is part of the reason she is very spoiled as I like to give her little bits of tasty treats to make sure she keeps whatever weight she has left.

If I can find kitten photos of both Joepie and Witje, I might bore you with their stories as well… ๐Ÿ™‚


O and especially for Christie… Here is the rose in bloom!

Can you tell it’s too big for the garden?


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