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Caprese sandwich

Caprese sandwich

Caprese sandwich

Why is that the last days before you leave on a trip are always so hectic? And I don’t mean with packing stuff or arranging those last minute things. I’ve travelled enough that I have gotten quite efficient in the packing area, but for some reason people always want to all of a sudden meet, customers decide that NOW is the time to do a photoshoot because well, the deadline was yesterday so can you please, pretty please, squeeze in a last minute photoshoot?

So while I initially had nothing whatsoever planned for this week, I’ve been working my butt of and in the meantime having to make sure that I also do the laundry. It would be nice to take clean clothes with us when we leave… 🙂

That also means that I really don’t get around to cooking a lot. It’s been hot and humid here for the past couple of days and the prediction is that tomorrow is going to be scorching hot. Ah well, at least we can get used to the temperatures at our final destination! It beats going to a tropical country in the winter. That is always HARD! (especially coming back to the freezing cold!)

Isn't he cute?

Isn't he cute?

So most of the afternoons I do a quick sandwich. Nothing fancy but the other day I wanted to use some of the honey cherry tomatoes I had left over. I also had a load of small mozarella (bocconcini… I never know how many cc’s to put where!! ) balls left over plus all the basil from the garden that was screaming to be used. So I toasted some old bread, smeared some good old pesto on top and layed all the little tomatoes and mozarella on top as well… Hmmm. How can something so simple be soooooo good!

And because I was having my camera nearby I did a little cutie stack of one sliced cherry tomato and some mozarella… 🙂 Ridiculously small when you see it up close and not very stable at all, but just for fun. isn’t it cute? (and not to mention tasty too!)

I should have drizzled a little oil over that sandwich at the top while I look at it. Not because it needed more flavour but it would probably have looked even yummier…

I still have more mozarella left. I bought them for the BBQ and they only came in a ridiculously large can, so I keep eating mozarella but it doesn’t seem to grow any less! Tom hates mozarella so it’s just me… Don’t think I will be able to finish this before sunday!

Any good ideas for simple delicious mozarella sandwiches give me shout!

So on to finish more work. All should be done by the end of the day thursday which leaves friday to pack the backpacks, saturday to bring Gizmo to the cathotel (first time and I am scared to death!!). The other two are being taken care of by my parents in law, but because Gizmo needs to get her medicine every day she needs special attention.

And then sunday…. flying time!! Whooohooo!!


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  1. Yum, yum, yum! So beautiful and fresh.

  2. These sandwiches look so fresh and good! Have a great time on your trip!

  3. That looks like a wonderful fresh summer sandwich! my hubby hates moz. too:-D I like mine fresh just like this!

  4. I don’t think you can improve on the simplicity of these flavours Simone. These are a perfect marriage! Have fun on your holiday.

  5. This is such a beautiful meal! Not only does is photograph well I bet it taste fantastic too:)

  6. WOW, this is so pretty to look at…Yummy!

  7. This was my first visit and looking around make me hungry. Such a beautiful food blog with so yummy pictures.

  8. Simone, I have a little something for you over at my blog:


  9. In the summer, I eat caprese salad almost once a week! Making a fresh sandwich variation is a good idea – a panini is also nice (although less appropriate for these summer days).

    That tiny stack is so cute!

    Hang in there, it’s the final stretch and soon you’ll be heading off for some well-deserved rest!

  10. So fresh and delicious – sounds wonderful with pesto! Have a wonderful vacation!

  11. Mozzarella, tomato and pesto is such a classic combo and yes, that little tower is a real sweetie!

  12. That is one of my favorite food combinations! Your sandwich certainly sounds delicious, and the photos are simply stunning– as always!

    I hope your travel goes well, and I hope that gizmo has a nice vacation too!

  13. Oh the little tomato is so so cute! I used to make these for lunch. So wonderful and light. Beautiful photographs.

  14. Mm, perfect summer lunch!

  15. I have a recipe for a caprese lasagna, not hard, if you use store bought pasta. I did homemade to get color, but you could easily layer, cheese, thin tomato and pasta. Done. Sure, tuck in some basil.

    P.S. I even eat soup in the summer, so turning on the oven is something I’m known to do even in August.

    I’m not sure where you are flying to, but have a wonderful vacation.

  16. Forgot to say, your sandwich is gorgeous.

  17. the photo of the stacked cherry tomato looks so fresh and awesome!

  18. I have seen a lot of caprese salad lately, but your is the best! Love the idea of serving on on bread. Bring on the carb!

  19. Wow. Your photos are sooo beautiful. Great 🙂

  20. Simone, this looks so fresh and temptingly good! Have a lovely vacation and I’m sure Gizmo will be treated well while in their care 😀

  21. lluurrvely looking pics!! yum,yum

  22. So lovely… And impeccably fresh-looking!

    Enjoy your trip! I can’t wait to hear all about it when you return. 🙂

  23. I love the cherry tomato stack! Your sandwich looks delicious too.

  24. Love this sandwich! You have got me craving and it’s the middle of the night over here!

    Have fun on your holiday! 🙂

  25. What a wee little tomato tower. Hilarious.

  26. Oh, my!!!How lovely and fresh.

  27. Hope your laundry is done and you are all set for an awesome vacation!
    How can people not like mozzarella?
    I wonder if you can marinade the leftover balls and if they’d keep for a while in the fridge?

  28. my first visit, indeed, while we’re almost ‘exchanging’ greetings through flickr and food photography club. lovely photos as usual. isn’t it interesting that a small meal can be the real food, big on flavour!

  29. It’s beautiful and looks so appetising! and the stack is so cute!

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