Alex, Saskia en myself wanted to go for lunch. At a “nice place” that would also be conveniently located for people that are scattered across the country. We opted for Buiten in de kuil, (loosely translated: outside in the valley) which is situated in the middle of the Lage Vuursche. A really pretty area of the Netherlands and in fact close to one of the castles of the royal family. In case you want to do some additional sight seeing in the area.

I used to go to the Lage Vuursche quite a lot when I was a kid. My parents would take us there for forest walks, pancakes or the traditional family gathering every year.

I had never heard of Buiten in de Kuil though and as it turned out this was called “Uncle Jan’s cabin” before. That was a pretty famous place but when Uncle Jan died, obviously the name had to be changed.

I was pleasantly surprised when we drove up the small forest road to get here. Parking is easy and plentiful and I can’t wait to get here in summer when the weather is better. Right now, it was cold and the indoors area is cute but a lot smaller than the outside benches and seating areas. So yes, definitely a place that is gonna be lovely in the summer. The perfect spot for a lunch or coffee after you’ve wandered around the forest areas. There is parking for cars, bikes and – yes – horses too!

I understood that it will be busy with people with kids. Something to keep in mind if you don’t like kids..

The food is simple but delicious. If you order a coffee they serve it with a piece of brownie. I always love that so much more than those nasty cookies in a plastic wrapper.

We were early but if you arrive around 12 expect the place to be packed. Reservations are hand, although I think it might be easier in summer. Just grab your lunch and have a seat in the grass.

Buiten in de Kuil, Zevenlindeweg 7, Lage Vuursche. Open 7 days a week

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