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Budgetweek – the last roundup

I’ve got to be honest… I am secretly a little glad that the budget challenge is over. I’ve learned a lot; that’s a fact.
I learned that Tom is better in budget cooking than me. I learned that budget cooking and healthy eating don’t necessarily go together easily. Budget cooking and biological food don’t mix at all. And I learned that I am pretty much spoiled.

Because it’s a fact… There are tons of people out there that have to survive on a few euros each day and we’re complaining about a challenge we really started for the fun of it.

But the bottom line conclusion is that it can be done. You can eat for € 1,50 per person per day. Well dinner only ofcourse. It does limit your creativity in the kitchen. You simply can only afford certain items when they are for sale somewhere. Other things not at all. Just throwing stuff in your shopping basket is just not an option. The result is that I have become more price conscious. Even now – after the budget challenge – that is a big bonus.

I think I might feature a budget friendly dish still on an ongoing basis. Maybe a little more than 3 euro, but 5 euro is still pretty much budget right?
I could do something like the weekly budget dish or so… We’ll see!
For now we survived the last couple of days on leftovers in the freezer. Soup, bread and ok, one night of not so very good budget day with baguette… Oops.

Monday/Tuesday: pea soup with sausage € 1,93 x 2 days = € 3,86
Wednesday : baguette with stuff on top € 10,00 ( yes, yes, I know… Far too much!! )
Thursday : tosti – bread € 0,25. Ham 2 slices € 0,60 2 slices cheese € 0,55 Total €1,40
Friday : pasta with vegetables € 2,44. Virtually the same as the pasta in week 1

Total spend for the last 5 days was € 17,64. Our budget for the last week was really only € 12,55… So we overspend by € 5,09 cent…. Not too bad in a total time of one month… But we did not eat very exciting last week!

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  1. You are so right about eating frugally. The things that are the least expensive like pasta are okay but there are a lot of empty calories if you have it every day. Fresh vegetables are out on that sort of budget.

    It’s one thing to do it for the experience like you two have done but too many people live like this full time. I really enjoyed this series.

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