The underground is warm and stuffy. People are huddled close and we can smell all cultures mingle together while more and more people get in and only a handful get out at the next station. Yes, we must be getting closer to our final destination. It’s still early on the Saturday morning and the crowds thin out a little once we leave the subway station and venture out onto the street. Fresh air!


We need to walk around the corner to find Borough market; slightly hidden away under a bridge and in an alcove with small letters telling us this is Borough market. But what a market it is! I had heard about Borough market of course and expected a nice market, but the amount of produce for sale here is amazing. How I would LOVE to have a market like that at our doorstep… Imagine the wonderful things we would able to make with all those gorgeous veggies, meats and fish.. Not to mention the spices, breads and other goodies for sale. It’s still fairly quiet at this time of day (I think we were there around 9.30-10 am) so we have a chance to walk around before the crowds descent on the market in full force.


We were advised to have breakfast at Roast, right above the market, and that is certainly no mistake. I have delicious small pancakes with a rhubarb puree and fresh cream while Tom goes for the fried eggs and toast. The service is impeccable and maybe even a little bit too much for my taste. I like people to be polite but there is such a thing as overdoing it.. 🙂 But still, I would rather have this then the dreadful service we can sometimes have at home. Roast is certainly not cheap but then again; nothing in London is really cheap so that is something you’ll have to accept when you come here! Although I do have to say that the dimsum at Princess Garden was actually really cheap considering the copious amounts of food we received, but ok…


To me there is no better shopping then on a good market. I love markets as they usually reveal the true nature of a city or a country. And obviously I am not talking about a touristic market where they only sell souvenirs. We’ve had our share of those too! Imagine the disappointment when you’re in Asia and after searching high and low, you find the fantastic market everyone was talking about, only to find out it has only souvenirs… People do find it strange that you want to go to a produce market… You can’t buy anything, so why go?? But to soak up the atmosphere of the place and to look at all the goods for sale, that is the just the ultimate experience for me. I’ll let the images do the rest of the talking!








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