How good does that look..? 🙂 We have arrived into Italy just a few hours ago and are now relaxing in our fabulous bed & Breakfast. If you’re ever en route to Italy and your looking for a really beautiful place to stay you should try La Terrazza Sulle Torri in Alba. For us it is the perfect stop en route to Tuscany and I think I can safely say that this is probably the most beautiful room we will have for the entire trip (and keep in mind that we have just started!) We were greeted here today by the couple that run this place. Very warm and friendly people and the appartment (as I think bed & breakfast is not a good term to describe this beautiful place) is just amazing. We are now sitting on our large balcony (one of the rooms has a large balcony, the other room is bigger but has a smaller balcony) overlooking the city of Alba. (which we will explore in a few minutes time) The room is large and has lovely little details such as chocolates by the bedsite, beautiful bedlinnen and all the modern things you might want in a room. Really really worth a visit (and no they are not paying us to tell this!!)


But ok, let’s go onto real business…. Do you remember when I went to France two years ago with a friend and we stayed in Beaune? Due to the fact that the restaurant of our choice at that time was not available, we ended up in Restaurant Le Chevalier and officially had the worst meal in the world. We ordered a Boeuf Bourguignon (as that is THE area to have this dish… !) and what we got was a terrible terrible meal microwaved to destruction (so if you ever get to Beane, do NOT go there!!!)

Anyway, we stayed in Beaune yesterday and as we walked the streets I remembered how the restaurant looked that was full last time. We were luckier this time so we made a reservation for the restaurant. And the food was absolutely wonderful. We went to a restaurant called Caves Madeleine, which is a very small restaurant with a huge selection of beautiful wines. It’s literally a wine cellar, who also does food, more then anything else.

As a starter I chose the Pate de Campagne a la maison which was delicious and served with various mustards from Dijon (which is very close). As a main I decided to give Boeuf Bourguignon another try and I was definitely not disappointed!! It’s not haute cuisine, but it was very tasty home cooking kind of meal. We had a local red wine of Beaune which was also very tasty and we finished the meal with a lovely Creme Brulee…. (or at least Tom and I did, Sandra had a strawberry salad)


As we have now arrived in Italy we are looking forward to our first Italian meal tonight, which we are planning to have in a familyrun Osteria, which is recommended to us by the owners of the B&B… and I have the feeling it’s gonna be good. No reservations are possible, so we will just have to be there at 7.30 to be able to get a table (hopefully)

I have no idea when I will be having internet connection again, so it might be a while! Ciao!!


Sandra just told me I should also post the snails in garlic she had, as they are very good and we are still enjoying the garlic today… 🙂 If you know what I mean… lol

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