Festive table

Ok, let’s start with confessing that the appetizer is really nothing special. I mean; everyone knows the combination of mozarella, tomatoes and prosciutto is a classic one, so I was really merely providing something to put on the plate. I wanted to practice with a christmas atmosphere while using my studiolights. And that is really harder then it sounds. Using candles and christmas lights gives a very warm light, which is fairly easy to show if you’re using daylight. Nothing else is interfering with those lights other then the daylight. However; when you use studiolights; it’s a very strong light overpowering all subtle other lights you might use. I wanted to show a christmas atmosphere but without the yellow colors that candles and christmas lights provide. Do you think it worked?



If you want to know how I made the appetizer. I quickly marinated the bocconcini in oliveoil and lemon, then wrapped each little ball with a piece of basil and prosciutto and put them on a small stick with half a cherry tomato on either side. I quickly put them in a frying pan to give it a little color and warmth and then put on a bed of rocket. Adding a few drops of balsamic vinegar and done! Nothing wrong with the taste. Just nothing exciting really.

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