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Blogging is dead?

You hear it more and more often: blogging is dead or Almost dead. It’s the thing your grandparents started but kids these days are on snapchat, periscope or one of those other new channels.

If they are looking for a review on a machine or book (if they would still read a book, because wasn’t printed media dead too??) they check YouTube and not Google. Blogging is the dinosaur way of getting your message across.


300 words? Or more?

But is it? The average attention span of people is short so the “rules” are that you should write no more than 300 words in a post and that post should have a few good quality images too to break up the lines of text. But on the other hand you hear people telling you that some of the most ‘viral’ posts are 2000+ words and no images at all. In other words: it’s a damn confusing business and for someone starting out with a brand new blog it might be frustrating too. Here you are with a spanking new blog and no one is reading it. Even worse: people tell you it is doomed and you should go to Instagram or better snapchat.

Instagram ‘blog’

Instagram is still hot but who reads a lot of text on any Instagram post? Do you? I see people share a blog type of thing on Instagram too but I just look at the pictures and maybe read a small byline and that’s it. I don’t care for long text as that is not why I visit Instagram. If I want to read I visit blogs.

As someone who has more than one blog I do wonder why on earth I can’t seem to be content with two (one Dutch, one English) but feel the ridiculous need to start new ones every once in a while. And once that new one is up and running I wonder why I did that. Could I not have incorporated this or that topic into the existing blog? And why do I even wonder if such a thing is important? People come here because I’m assuming they like my recipes or like my stories or like my pictures. So if I would write a bit more about travel or cats or blogging or even health, would they run away or would they stick around? I’ve asked myself that question before and most of the times the outcome is that it is fine to stray of the food subject once a while and still keep everyone happy and still…. I ended up with a new ‘baby’. The funny thing is that I don’t tell anyone anymore as it just feels (and is) ridiculous and at the end of the day it’s usually doomed even before it started.

Will it last?

So… As one of my New Years resolutions (or should I say February resolutions) I solemnly swear I will do no such thing anymore. I’ll just ‘bore’ you with everything here. Feels a little bit like a deja-vu doesn’t it? Lol. Been there before… Will I stick with it this time? Time will tell!

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  1. I love Instagram and use Youtube or Google a lit, but nothing can replace a blog! There is something romantic and still very book-like about them… Call me old-school if you want, I don’t care ’cause that’s what I am (a rebel too)! 😉



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