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I normally don’t really do a lot of blogtour things or blog hop or whatever they’re called. Not that I don’t like them but I wouldn’t really know where to find the time to be honest. So when Yo asked me if I wanted to be the next in line I hesitated for just a brief moment. But then I realized it was more about the writing part than anything else. A part I sometimes feel is under appreciated by myself and in need of some revamping if you like. So I said yes…


So first of all; the woman who did this to me is Yo. Yo has a profound love for anything Umbria and that is what she writes about on her blog Umbria in English.

I’ve not met Yo in real life yet, although I can see us at some point in the future on a sunny terrace in her beloved Umbria sipping a good glass of wine and talking about the finer things in life… 😉 We keep in touch mostly through facebook I think and if you don’t know her blog, go on and check it out. You’ll find some good tips on Umbria there.

Part of the tour is to answer the following 4 questions so here goes:

What am I working on?

Now here’s a question… At the moment I am working on preparing for the workshop Meeta and I will be giving in Finland in just a few weeks time. It’s slightly different from our usual workshops due to the fact that it is more focused on artificial light instead of the ‘usual’ daylight. That requires some extra work for me in setting up test shots to show the participants as example. Plus I am writing the necessary steps to go with the exercises.

In addition to that I am working on the Donna Hay Challenge. A challenge I set myself to cook all 85 (or so) recipes from one single issue of Donna Hay Magazine. Crazy and it is quite a bit of work too! So lots of writing and photographing involved here.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

There are so many outstanding and amazing foodblogs out there that it is virtually impossible to really set yourself apart. So I am not sure if I am in any way different from the others. I try to mix up my food stuff with travel stories and photography tutorials. As I love teaching other people whatever knowledge I gained in the last years or so. I am not the only one in that field in the foodblogger area but I am one of the few in the Netherlands I think, so in that sense maybe that is what is different from my work, compared to others out there.

Why do I write what I do?

Talk about hard questions… I don’t know. In a way I sometimes find it hard to write. Taking a photo of a dish is not something that is very hard for me to do. (although styling it might be hard!) But writing is something that takes more thought and careful consideration. I have good days and I have really bad days. I can overflow with inspiration and have the words literally tumble out of my mouth (read: fingers) or I can get no further than ‘here is the recipe. Enjoy…’ And to be honest, I think it is ok to not always have long stories. I wish I was an artist with words as some others I have read. But not writing is also virtually impossible. I started writing before I started taking photos. Believe it or not. So even though I struggle with it sometimes I could not be without. I’ve always written stories or diaries and in a way a blog is a very public diary. Food is what I am most passionate about in life, so writing about it feels right!

How does your writing process work?

Well…. I sit down and I start to type.. 😉 As funny as that sounds, I think that is mostly how I work. Some times I do have a clear idea in my head what I want to write about and sometimes that is obvious; for instance when I write about an event that has just happened. But sometimes I just sit and think of something that will go with the dish I am posting that day. I always keep notebooks lying around so I write down ideas for either recipes or travel stories or photography stuff I think off. And depending on the mood of the moment I might pick one of those ideas to work on or I will go off in a totally different direction.

I do think I need to try and get a bit more structure into the whole writing process but that is easier said than done. I guess old habits die hard…

I’m passing the my writing process on to Maura and Suus from the healthy breakfast club and to Letizia from Dutch goes Italian.

Maura and Suus both have their own blogs and decided to start a new blog which is all about their favorite meal of the day; breakfast. It’s a fun new site and worth checking out if you haven’t done so before! The Healthy Breakfast Club

Letizia I met two years or so ago when she came for a private workshop. She is a Dutch girl who moved to Italy after getting a masters in Pedagogics. She now lives in Borgomanero with the love of her live and writes about food, photography and travel on her blog Dutch goes Italian!


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  1. You should do more of these blogtour things 😉 it’s really nice to read. You couldn’t say from your blog that writing is hard for you with a post per day. Sitting down and start writing, that’s how we do it too.

    Well, thank you for mentioning us 🙂 we will post a new one on the 2th of June right?

  2. Hi Simone,
    I totally agree with you saying that it’s ok to sometimes just post the recipe without a long story about it. As you have your good and bad days writing it, I have mine reading it. And your photo’s speak louder than words!!!
    Thanks for passing the writing process on to me 🙂
    And wow….almost 2 years ago that we met….how time flies! I wanted to say you’re wrong it has only been 1 year….but then thinking about it…it’s 2 years in July!! Incredible…the workshop seems like yesterday 🙂
    Ciao, Letizia

  3. I love reading this kind of post – helps to get to know you better.

  4. Really fun read! Always so interesting to see how others work. In a former life I was a book editor, and I was always asking my authors about how and when they worked, and no too were the same (although they were all disciplined about applying seat of pants to seat of chair — like you, an awful lot of writers begin by just starting to type!). Thanks for this.

  5. Heee wat leuk, ik hoorde het van Maura. Dank dat je ons noemt en we gaan de tag doorgeven.

    Liefs Suus

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