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Birds, cloudforests and… Well ok mosquitos


Did i previously tell you that i honestly think that mosquitos must range among the worlds most useless and annoying creatures? Well now you know… I haven’t exactly counted my mosquito bites but i can assure you that they are plentiful and quite goodlooking.
We are currently in Monteverde rainforest and while it is much colder here then in other places we have been sofar they are still abundant…
Anyway enough about the mozzies.
Monteverde is beautiful but i do feel it has changed considerably in the last 10 years. To give an example… ( the hanging bridges we did alone last time and now it was just an entire amusement parc. And it’s the same with many other things Out there. O well i guess that was to be expected but still I sometimes wish it wouldn’t happen but i guess we are to blame As well. It’s what tourism does to à country.


Tomorrow we Will travel to San Gerardo de dota à more remote area of the country.

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