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Berlin workshop foodphotography & styling recap

Berlijn workshop foodfotografie |

Wow, I cannot believe it has been almost one and a half month ago that we had our workshop foodphotography and styling in Berlin! The recap took a bit of time to complete so sorry about that, but here it finally is! It was an incredibly hot weekend in Germany, and many a sweatdrop has been shed… The location of the workhop Landgut Borsig was beautiful, nothing wrong there. Unfortunately the hotel did not perform very well in many other areas and while the staff where all very friendly and helpful; the owner wasn’t so much… Prior agreements were just forgotten or changed and that made it hard for the instructors to do all the things we wanted to do! Hopefully our participants didn’t notice much of it.


For the first since forever we also had a session on mobile phone photography which was given by our mobile phone expert Sandy and was received with enthusiasm by the group (including Meeta and myself…)

Berlijn workshop foodfotografie |

As has become customary we started with a round of introductions during our session on friday and it’s always interesting to find out where everyone is coming from. We had old acquintances such as Eva, who has followed more than one workshop by Meeta and whom I had met previously in Weimar two years before. Apart from Eva we had more participants from Germany but also from Slovakia and Scotland. We had Eva, Georg, Bärbel and Franziska from Germany, Bernadette from Scotland and Maria from Switzerland.

Berlijn foodfotografie workshop |

We always try and keep the theoretic part interactive to keep everyone engaged and busy. And as a special bonus we had a session by Sandy called “winetasting with the ears’ which was great fun. I am not a big wine person (I love to drink it but I don’t know much about it) and listening to the music and picking the best song for the wine was fun and something else. We had a few delicious wines from our winesponsor  Wine in black and the location with the view over the lake could not have been better on a warm summer evening.

Berlijn foodfotografie workshop |

BerlijnH-6 BerlijnH-5 Berlijn-7 Berlijn-6

The dinner and the relaxed atmosphere were the perfect ending of a very hot day. The next day we started with the mobile phone theory by Sandy, who gave us tips and a couple of fun apps to try out. And after that we got to play outside for the rest of the day. Starting of with a crafting session and than on to shoot the theme of the workshop which was picnic by the lake. And I was – once again – blown away by the quality of the work everyone made.


All in all it was another successful workshop and I love working with Meeta and Sandy together! Special thanks to our sponsors Fiskars, Wine in Black, Harper Collins group, Depositario, Kahla, Kusmi Tea, Original Beans, Casa di Falcone. Pay attention too as there will be a special give away soon on the blog with some awesome goodies from both Fiskars and Harper Collins. You don’t want to miss that one! Here a few more snaps from the workshop!



BerlijnH-8 BerlijnH-4 BerlijnH-3 BerlijnH-2 Berlijn6 Berlijn2 Berlijn-12 Berlijn-11 Berlijn-10 Berlijn-9 Berlijn-8 Berlijn-3 Berlijn-4 Berlijn-2

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  1. A wonderful workshop and lovely ladies! Thanks for sharing your impressions with us. Those portraits are stunning!



  2. I wish I could attend your workshop. The photos are absolutely beautiful!

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful time! Wonderful pictures — thanks for sharing the workshop with us.

  4. Oh Simone grand memories. Yes it has taken a while to report about the workshop. The bad organisation of the owner apart … we still had a great time and I think it was another lovely hot weekend with some super participants. Love this so much!

  5. Beautiful photos, Simone! And being one of the happy participants who had the chance to join this fabulous workshop I can assure that the three of you made a great job including the way how you handled the bad organisation of the owner! But above all, I just enjoyed it to see you all again for this lovely hot weekend 🙂

  6. What a fun environment to learn such an important skill.

  7. What a wonderful event – wish I was there!

  8. Thanks for sharing your wonderful workshop recap — looks like a fun learning experience. And your photos are beautiful!

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