What is it that makes a country irresistable? Is it the food, is it the weather or is it the people in it? Or maybe simply a combination of all? I had only been to Italy once before so had very little to go on and to be quite honest; this trip was not meant for any real sightseeing, so I haven’t seen that much of the country other then a great many houses.

We went to find a house/appartment for my friend, so that was our main purpose, but obviously we did have time left at least in the evening and some during the day. I have known Jacqueline for 27 years, as we met when we were both student nurses a long long time ago. And talking together on our little (noisy) balcony in the hotel last week we found out that we have never been away together other then a very short weekend in Amsterdam when we knew eachother 10 years. So an easy calculation tells you that it was 17 years ago, that we last spend more then one day in eachothers company! And yet, it feels so natural; we know eachother very well, so we didn’t have any akwardness that you can sometimes have if you share a hotelroom with someone you don’t know so well.

To be honest; we are lousy roommates; Jacqueline likes the hotelroom to be warm, I like it to be cold. She is a nightperson, I am a morning person, she likes to stay up untill the wee hours and I fall asleep after 12. Likewise I wake up around 8 am and she likes to sleep untill 11 am, but we worked around all that quite well and having a boyfriend who is more like Jacqueline (while her husband is more like me in terms of biological rhytm!) I am quite used to living with a “nightperson”!

Unfortunately though Jacqueline is not a food-person; she likes her eveningmeals, but ‘forgets’ to eat during the day if I didn’t get hungry at some point!! Ah well, you can’t have it all right? We did have a lovely time and if they end up buying an appartment I am sure there will be other times that we will be in Italy together!


It’s such a beautiful country with such lovely people and such fantastic food, that we will have to go back soon as there is soooo much I would have wanted to see but didn’t have the time. I would have loved to visit Parma (which is close to Verona), Venice (also within driving distance) and many many more. But let’s face it; 5 days is too short to fully enjoy the Italian life!

So I am back and hopefully will go again at some point in the near future!

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