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Beetroot soup with fried capers – cooking club


I can’t believe how long ago our last cooking session was! Time sure flies and I missed one session because I was in Germany and then we had one cancelled due to unexpected events happening… We have still met most of our cooking crew members at some point or other separately or in little groups, so it didn’t feel that long ago but it was great fun to meet everyone again and – ofcourse – cook up a storm. We had a new chef this time Marc Schoorl and he came up with quite a lovely autumn menu.


We had a small amuse/starter of a roasted fig with gorgonzola. then on to an autumn salad with smoked duck (delicious!!), a beetroot soup with toasted capers, roasted rabbit and then to finish a classic tiramisu with a little less classic, amaretto instead of brandy. I was on the duck team together with Femke and Marinda and it was really handy too as I had to do a tea smoked duck the next day so it was a great exercise. Smoking the duck was pretty straight forward using woodchips and a smoker. You can also do this in a wok and something like a bamboo steamer. That works perfectly well too.


Then I am sure you were wondering what’s with the pretty picture templates I have used here. These were all made with digital scrapbooking software and I love using them. I have done some scrapbooking in the past but I cannot bring up the patience to do the little cutting and pasting actions required to make it look beautiful. My Memories Suite however has a software program that takes the hard work out of making beautiful page templates, books, video’s and anything else you might want to make. It’s pretty easy to use and the good news is….. *drumroll* I have one software license to give away! In addition to that you can now get a $10,= discount when buying the software if you use the following code when ordering on My memories site:


In order to be eligible for the give-away leave a comment below this post and let me know which digital paper pack you would prefer! A winner will be picked using the choose a winner plugin from WordPress. Looking forward to hearing which one you like!


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