I have a thing for snow… Every year around this time (which is usually shortly before Christmas) I want snow… Not that we ever have any snow in the Netherlands that is worth mentioning but still….

So when I got the invitation to go to Norway to experience a true winter wonderland in Røros and Trondheim how could I possibly say no? I had to change a few appointments around to make it possible but I am here now! And as we speak we are in the train on our way to Røros, so I have a little time on my hands to show you some first pics of our trip.


We started our trip on Friday with a delicious fish soup at Baklandet Skydsstation, which is a traditional restaurant with delicious homecooked meals. From there we got a small tour through the city and our guide told us a bit about the history of Trondheim, while we were slowly freezing… Haha… It wasn’t actually that cold but with temperatures of +2 or so it quickly becomes freezing if the wind is blowing and it did.

Trondheim - Norway

Some of the old industrial items are kept in the city which is a nice contrast

We had a delicious dinner at Matthall, which is a brand new restaurant in town combined with a foodmarket where you can buy a lot of the items they also serve at the restaurant. Not cheap though, but nothing in Norway is ever really cheap

20151204-MH2A6513 Mathallen20151204-MH2A6518

The day after we went for a hike in the Bymarka area and more specifically we hiked up to the top of Gråkallen. Don’t think it was a huge mountain but still with the snow, that was fairly deep in some area’s, the pouring rain and the slippery conditions it was still a bit of exercise. The views where gorgeous despite the weather.

20151205-MH2A6525 20151205-MH2A6523

Me and Heleen having a cup of Christmas tea

Me and Heleen having a cup of Christmas tea on top of the mountain

Our guide, Eirik of Mid-Norway Adventure, was kind enough to have gone up before we arrived and have warm tea and reindeer skins prepared for when we would arrive at the top. So weird as it was, sitting in the snow, while the rain kept hammering us from behind and we were still warm and comfy. Ok after a while it was definitely time to move on but it was a fun experience.


We ended our day at the Rockheim where Heleen and I gave a stunning performance with the karaoke immitating A-ha, one of the most famous Norwegian bands of course. Not sure if you would have liked to hear it (probably not as we are both masters of singing out of tune!)

Rockheim is a fun and interactive museum although I did find some of the elements rather confusion on what to do. You’re encouraged to touch and try everything but as I said, some things are quite confusing.


As I write this we’ve arrived in Røros where it is cold but beautiful. But more on that will follow later!





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