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Beautiful Kenya

My knowledge of Kenya was really very limited. The image I had in my mind was that of that giraffe strolling across a wide expanse with a mountain in the background. I’m sure we have all seen one. So to say I was surprised is an understatement. Because Kenia is so much more than that one picture (obviously)! The landscape is very varied; from green and lush tea plantations (I did not expect those!) to forest, to empty plains to mountains. We have driving past all of it.

The disadvantage of a press trip like ours is of course that you really don’t see that much from a country except from the car. The advantage is that we got to places you would normally not find any tourist. The reason for our visit was for a closer look at the stevia plantations. How that was you can read on Simone’s Kitchen.(In Dutch)

I was in Kenya at the invitation of Coca-Cola. Not to write about cola but purely for the stevia story. There is lot to be said about stevia and there are lots of misconceptions and weird stories about this small green plant. I know for a fact that I will be trying to get a hand on an actual plant as the leaves are delicious. I got a good tip from someone that you can apparently buy them in a gardening centre. You can than dry them and grind them for your own use as sweetener. I’d love to experiment with that. I will write another story on stevia but that will be later.

For now Kenya. We flew into Nairobi, not a city you want to explore any further I think. Or at least not what we have seen. Just another big city in an African country. I would have loved to explore some of the markets but sadly there was no time to do that. My curiosity was definitely peeked though so I think I will be going back to Kenia for sure. Because yes that safari is something I really want to do. On top of that our driver for the days we were there was Anthony, a nice guy and so I am giving you his website if you’re looking for a more personal safari. (and also it stops me from forgetting his details!)

We drove from Nairobi to Mount Kenya and back. A limited circle. Kenia did steal my heart despite the short and limited time we were there. So have a look at the pictures and know that I’ll be back!


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