Mistake on mistake

It’s week 3 already and I haven’t exactly been behaving very well this week. It was a busy week with work and I find that I have to plan a lot better if that happens. Easter (chocolate!) was not good to begin with and I went to Belgium for a few days (for work) where I went overboard with a fried egg, fries with mayo and an ovendish with lots and lots of cheese.


Going out for dinner

Going out for dinner is a hard one. Vegetarian options are sometimes hard to find, let alone vegan. We were in Belgium for Easter and there was literally just one restaurant open and thankfully they did have a few vegetarian options but definitely nothing vegan. And I still feel self conscious asking for things. And well vegetarian usually means lots of cheese.


Parttime vegan

I don’t want to be too stressed about it either. I will eat vegan wherever I can and if that is not an option I will go for vegetarian. Something like that. Still work in progress. Tomorrow we leave for a few days to Copenhagen. And that is a cool and hip city so I suspect all should be well there. It’s going to be tougher in italy I think. I am already at the look-out for vegan places to visit, so if you have any tips? Let me know!



Eating vegan at home is a whole lot easier. I have no issues cooking vegan. On top of that I have an extensive collection of vegan cookbooks to dive into if need be. And of course I have to keep Tom happy. He is pretty relaxed about me not eating meat so I want to keep it that way by preparing the most delicious vegan recipes out there. 🙂 He also cooks by the way and he does make it vegan but he struggles with it a lot more than I do. Don’t tell him!

And what after the 30 days?

The vegan adventure will not stop for me after the 30 days are over. I am definitely going to go ahead with it. That is one thing I know for sure. To be continued!


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