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Back from Spain..


In case you have been wondering why I have been so quiet… I was gone for a couple of days with a friend to Spain. She and her husband bought a little villa at the Costa Blanca and I spend a couple of days there enjoying the sunshine. Imagine how hard it is to be back in rainy Holland!

The weather was lovely and we had a great and relaxing time but if you want to know my opinion of the Costa Brava…. terribly touristic! We were staying in Calpe which is very close to Benidorm and Alicante, so you can probably imagine the extend of the tourism over there. It’s december so a lot of the restaurants were already closed for the season. although a lot of older people stay there during the winter months. Which was pretty obvious if you walked around Benidorm. As you can imagine not a lot of authentic Spanish food around plus my friend is not really a foodie (really not) so that makes it hard to enjoy the better


Spanish kitchen (which must be somewhere I am sure). We did go to the market on saturday in Calpe, but I always struggle to find a balance between wanting to spend ages taking photos and not pissing of my friend… 🙂

We did go to Valencia one day and managed to walk around for hours not finding the centre of town… 🙂 until we were ready to go back and ofcourse, that was when we found out that we went in the wrong direction!! The center was sort of… well… next to our parking garage… Tsss… Don’t tell anyone! We reached Valencia around 2 pm which is when all the shops close. Not very clever of us, I agree, but what can you do? So all in all I think Valencia is probably a beautiful city, but you just have to visit it at the right time and not walk in the wrong direction.

The region of Valencia is ofcourse famous for it’s oranges and that was pretty obvious when going through the mountains the next day as there was rows and rows of endless orange-trees, mandarins and lemons. I even brought home a bottle of orange wine. Not sure how that is gonna taste, as I think it is probably more a dessert wine, but I thought it was funny so will let you know once I have tasted it.

And now I am back in good old (and wet) Holland and I am so ready to get cooking! It’s been too busy but as far as I can tell right now it is going to be a quiet december so be prepared for me visiting all of you much more often!

Lots of catching up to do!

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