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And the winner is – Girl meets bowl!


While the last Donna Hay Challenge was certainly not an easy one to accomplish (but still a delicious recipe!)ย  I was blown away with the results. Everyone who participated has been rather creative in fixing their particular problems and some made their own glutenfree dumplings, or were really good in making the background look old and battered (literally beating it down with a hammer!) ๐Ÿ™‚

But the above photo of Girl Meets Bowl completely astonished me as it is almost exactly like the original. If you see the two side by side you have to blink with your eyes a couple of times to see which is which. So really good job Liz and a well deserved win!

You can see of all the entries for this month below

As you might have seen in the previous post we have now moved on to a slightly different challenge, which is certainly not easier but it does allow for more creative freedom so check it out here. First theme ; ALL WHITE.


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  1. Congratulation Liz. It’s really beautiful photo. And thank you once again Simone for challenging as.

  2. They all look great, congratulations to Girl Meets Bowl on winning. This month by hook or crook I’m going to get an entry in (says me hopefully!).

  3. Congrats to the winner and to all the participants!



  4. All the entries are so impressive! I’m glad you’ve decided to carry the concept of a photo competition forward, but in a more accessible, creative way. Hopefully I can join in… An all-white composition sounds like a fun challenge!

  5. All the entries look great, and now I have an overwhelming urge to go make mushroom dumplings!

  6. Oh my gosh! I really didn’t expect to win this one–there were so many other spectacular entries. Well, either way, thank you so much Simone! It was a really fun challenge. Can’t wait to see what people submit for the all white theme. And Simone, thanks so much for running such an awesome challenge series ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I can see how much work this is for you, Simone… the contributions are so interesting! This has clearly been an intense and very time-consuming – and very revealing project. You must have learned SO much!

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