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Almond and cacao power bars and why are you lonely?


It’s a weird thing… And it creeps up on you before you realize: loneliness. I am not sure how it happened or when I started feeling it but it is here now. I have to give you a little background on this. Tom and I have lived together for 26 years and for most of that time we both had similar jobs as in similar working hours. But for the last three years he started working at the market and I had my photography job mostly. So that means I work during the weekdays and he works in the weekend. Not very convenient.

Almond and cacao powerbars

And lately I’ve started feeling a bit lonely in the weekends. Tom’s away, my friends are doing fun things with their families and I am home. Pretending to be busy behind the computer, editing photos, writing on my blogs or reading something. But feeling alone is a funny thing. It makes you question everything you do. I don’t know maybe it is just me or maybe I am going through a phase… Maybe it is a combination of being alone and not knowing where my life is heading. For years I’ve focused on becoming a better food photographer and getting more jobs but now that I am there, I am not sure if it is what I want anymore. I’ve done this for quite a while now. In total 12 years as a photographer and 7 doing only food. I still love it, but do I want to keep pursuing it as a career?


I than thought I might be able to make a living blogging but I am not commercial enough by far. I say no to almost all advertising opportunities because it either doesn’t fit within my values or the product is crap or I just don’t feel a connection with the brand. So there is not much left. Doesn’t really work does it? I than figured I could make things like ebooks and other products that I could sell online, but that takes time too. And I am restless. God, when I write it down like this it looks like I am a total mess! Lol…

Maybe that is also part of the lonely feeling: too much time to think about things and no one to share my thoughts with.

So done with that!

So enough of that and on to the recipe of the day; these pretty powerbars. The recipe is from Donna Hay and I have to say they are pretty tasty but hard to keep in one piece. Be sure to read the notes in the recipe as I did make some changes that might not have been the best ones!

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Almond and chocolate power bars
Author: Donna Hay
  • 210 gr almond flour
  • 225 gr dates without pit
  • 80 gr almond paste
  • 2 tsp vanilla
  • 160 gr white almonds
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds
  • raw cacao for dusting
  1. Place almond flour, dates, almond paste, chia seeds, vanilla and almonds in a food processor. Turn for about 3 minutes or till it forms a clump.
  2. Press firmly into a lightly greased baking tray (using kitchen paper is a must!) of about 10 x 20 cm and smooth the top. Place in the fridge for a couple of hours to set.
  3. Take out and cut into bars.
Recipe Notes

The original recipe uses whole almonds only and not flour. I think that will work better in the recipe but I didn’t have enough almonds. Hence the flour. It works but as mentioned, the result is fragile. While mixing I forgot to add the almond flour to it so again that might not have given the best results

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