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Our first Whole30 is now almost a year ago and I am not even counting the vague attempt we did for another whole30 in january of this year… That one just didn’t make any sense..

I’ve hesitated for a while if I was gonna do a detox, but I do not own a juicer and it kind of feels I need to have one if I want to do a proper detox. And for all intent and purposes a Whole30 is fairly similar to a detox, just with some different rules.

Is the timing perfect? No absolutely not. This weekend I will be having a wedding and the week after I have a trip to Norway, but let’s be honest: there never really is a perfect time and with our fairly busy schedule it seemed the best idea to just start and go for it.

While I am writing this we just had our first whole30 breakfast. Omelet with spring onion and tomatoes. Didn’t have time for any proper grovergies yet.. I am gonna try and give you a daily update on what we have eaten with – where possible – the recipes as well. Ofcourse we have a few recipes we can use from last year and that helps, but it is also somehow the ‘danger’. The danger of thinking “O, we’re gonna fix this” Because it is not easy or simple, but the results are worth it. And knowing that is also an advantage.

kipburger met tomatensalade | simoneskitchen

Kipburger met tomatensalade

The rules in a row:

What can we eat?

  • Vegetables, preferably biologically grown
  • Fruit, same thing
  • Seafood, meat, poultry; preferably from grassfed animals (and no, that doesn’t count for the fish!)
  • Nuts and seeds

What can we not eat?

  • Nothing with added sugar
  • No grains (also not quinoa, rice etc.)
  • No alcohol
  • No dairy
  • No potatoes

Why are we doing it? Because I have never felt better than how I felt during our first whole30. Because I am noticing lately that I have a somewhat unhealthy urge to eat lots of sweets and I want to get rid of those urges. Because I believe that good nutrition is more important than people often think. Because I want to train my body (and mind!) to get used to eating less sugar and less carbs.

And no, not because I want to keep eating this way, but I do want to have a better balance.

And there is about a 1001 other small reasons with which I am not gonna bother you… 😉 So stay tuned for more whole30 news soon!

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