Cats: Wanted:dead or alive…

Dangerous cat, originally uploaded by Junglefrog.

I had a photoshoot last week with 6 (yes, that is 6) adorable and beautiful cats. Now a cat is not the easiest of creatures to take photos off, so the owner of all those cats, had to assist ofcourse to make sure that the cats were kept amused. But one of the problems with doing that is that they very rarely look at the camera…
So one of the tricks I sometimes use is to make sudden funny noises – which make me look like a total idiot – but at least make the cat look in my direction.
So that is what happened on the first shot…. I was almost getting scared! Don’t you think he looks at me with one of those typical cat-looks “What is that idiot noise you are making! Can’t you tell I am busy chasing that toy my boss is waving at me?”
All of the 6 cats where gorgeous but I thought this was the funniest one and I couldn’t resist adding one of those signs. No idea what those signs normally say though. Only a number or a name as well?

Have to pay better attention…

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