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Chameleons of Madagascar

If you’ve ever been to Madagascar I’m sure you were as blown away as me by the variety of slightly odd creatures you find there. It’s a unique country in many ways, but we went there to see the lemurs and the chameleons more than anything else. The lemurs are unique to Madagascar as they cannot survive in any other part in the world and while some species like the ring tailed lemur does pretty well in captivity the majority of them do not. That makes it even more important to preserve this species or rather the nature in Madagascar.

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Visiting the country it is very clear that they struggle. The people are among the poorest in the world and they believe that burning down the land from time to time makes it more fertile. Sadly the only result is that they are left with areas that are literally black, burned down and completely dead. Not a piece of grass to be found. And so if you want to visit this country it might be time to do so now, before all is gone.

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