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Mekong Delta – Vietnam

Going through my old photos from Vietnam I was kind of sorry that I didn’t shoot in raw those days! It would have made such a big difference! But anyway, as a sidenote… I think one of my favorite area’s of Vietnam was definitely the Mekong Delta. Not the cleanest and make sure you don’t accidentally swallow any of the…

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Tetebatu – Lombok, Indonesia

Thinking back on our trip around the Sunda islands I think the place that has made the biggest impression was definitely Tetebatu. Possibly not because I was feeling so well at that time…. We had booked our trip during Ramedan. Not really realizing this when we planned and apart from a few stores closing earlier or not opening at all…

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All inclusive….

We’re back! Finally, I might add, as this holiday is arguably one of the worst we ever had or did. And I can’t really blame the resort for that, so it’s not that it’s a bad one. It has everything to do with our inability to do nothing. On hindsight I should NEVER have booked an all inclusive holiday. In…

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Workshop in Dubai

I think I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again; following a workshop is always good for your motivation, your inspiration and just for pure fun… The workshop I just followed in Dubai ticked all of those three boxes. I’d been planning to go to Meeta’s workshop in Dubai the first time but I couldn’t due to other obligations…

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Villa Aurenjo – Orange, France

Sometimes I have a really tough life… 😉 Case in point was my trip last week to sunny Provence by invitation of Villa Aurenjo, who needed some new photos taken for their new website. And I was so impressed with the beautiful location that I figured it would be logical to let you in on the secret. Because if you…

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Italy – Alba, La Terraza sulle tori

We had been planning our trip to Tuscany for a while now. We would go via France, have a stopover in a conveniently located town called Alba and then move on further down into Tuscany. Alba, we picked mainly because it was en route and seemed to be ok for passing through. It didn’t really start very well. We couldn’t…

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