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Travel : Sukhotai – Thailand

It might be a public secret but I am somewhat of a cultural barbarian… Place me into a jungle (well, ok, if it’s ok with you, I’d rather stay on the edge!) and I can spend hours staring at little animals or waiting for that one bird to appear, but put me into a museum and the change is big…

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The Best of San Francisco

The best of San Francisco by Tina Lee The first guestblog by Tina! Tina is the daughter of the wife of Tom’s brother (eh… that’s my sister in law, I always get the family relations mixed up. Does that make Tina my niece?) No matter what the family relation is, Tina is a wonderfully creative spirit. She has recently…

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Pangasius; a look behind the scenes

I’ve been thinking on how to write this blog post for quite some time. After our trip and during our trip in Vietnam there were quite a few negative reactions. Not because we were going to Vietnam, but much more because we were visiting a pangasius farm. I got reactions ranging from ‘ fish who eats his own dirt’, to…

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Workshop fish curry in Batak style

During our visit to Toba lake we stayed on Samosir island. The rest of our group was out on a walk but we wanted to do something different, so what else than food right? I had been going through a leaflet in our hotelroom that morning and saw they did culinary workshop. Checked with Tom and we decided this was…

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Tropical bird |
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Sumatra : I’m back!

Yessss, we’re back!! For those that didn’t even notice we were gone… We arrived yesterday from a almost four week trip to Sumatra. And it was amazing… Hot, tiring, mosquito-rich but also relaxing, beautiful, impressive and fun… 😉 Yesterday I downloaded the 2000 photos on my computer and still need to edit and go through them but here is already…

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Muji store Berlin

We’ve  been running around Berlin trying to see as much as possible in the very limited time we have here and there is so much to see and do that it’s hard to see it all. Today we did a lot of different areas and prepare for some other cool places soon but for today I want to share the…

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Our view from the mountain lodge |
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Travel : Preikestolen – for a bit of a challenge (during your whole30)

It all started so innocent; we would be doing a fun hike during our Norway trip. Sounds good right? It would make up for all the extra calories consumed during dinner. Since oversleeping seemed to be the theme of the trip; Lianne overslept this time until Susanne called her out of bed through the reception at 7.15 (we didn’t get…

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