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Port – Ruby or Tawny?

I gotta be honest here…. I know (I knew!) virtually nothing about port wines so when I got the invitation from Oscar Quevedo to join a group of select wine bloggers for a tour of Porto, the Douro valley and their wineries I send him a note first asking if he was sure he had the right person. But he…

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Foodie weekend in Umbria

It was roughly a few days before the actual event date that I received a tweet from Karin from Yum and Moore if I maybe had time to go to Umbria for a fun foodie weekend. Well hello‚Ķ I will make the time! So with some hasty shuffling of appointments and a swift booking of flights I could tell Karin…

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Irish visits

I can’t believe how fast time flies since I am back from my trip to Ireland. it seems too long ago already and I haven’t even told you about my wonderful visit to the Wise family yet!! After the great workshop I hopped into my trusty rental car (a small Ford Ka) and drove through the rain from the North…

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Cooking and the group process

I’m sure we all have similar experiences where you meet with a group of strangers and in the beginning you’re thinking; who are these people and they really do not seem to be nice… Then after a couple of days, you realize that they are not as bad as you thought they were and then finally you realize they are…

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