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National Parc Ranomafana – Madagascar

Dark clouds On our way to Ranomafana from Ambositra the clouds quickly gathered together. The closer we got to our final destination, the worse the road became and the darker the sky. And just before we got to the hotel the rain started pouring down. And when it rains in Africa, it rains! On top of that, the roads quickly…

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Chameleons of Madagascar
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Travel ; Creatures of Madagascar

If you’ve ever been to Madagascar I’m sure you were as blown away as me by the variety of slightly odd creatures you find there. It’s a unique country in many ways, but we went there to see the lemurs and the chameleons more than anything else. The lemurs are unique to Madagascar as they cannot survive in any other…

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Snapshots Kenya

The last couple of days I have been spending in Kenya. I was there by invitation of Coca Cola and Pure Circle to see how stevia is being grown, where it comes from and how it is processed. I will tell you all about it soon but for now a few snapshots I took with my phone. It is such…

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