Taste of Amsterdam 2009


I can’t even remember how we saw that this festival was going to take place, but I had bought tickets for it over the internet ages ago and yesterday it was finally time. We had chosen to go in the afternoon (you had to pick either morning, afternoon or evening) as we figured that friday evening would simply be too crowded to see anything or do anything.

Taste of Amsterdam is an international foodie-event taking place for the first time in Amsterdam. A lot of restaurants had been invited to make their signature dishes as well as some of the better known chefs would come and give demonstrations or workshops. I think it took place last year in London, so I am not sure if it will be a recurring event or if they pick another country each year.


It was relatively quiet in the afternoon which was fine as we had all the time to look around and pick some of the lovely tasters. The first one was from Fifteen in Amsterdam and I chose the papardelle with pesto, rocket and pecorino. Tom had the ravioli filled with mint, ricotta and parmezan (I am not entirely sure if I got that right) in a mint sauce. Both were very different but equally delicious and I think also my favorite of the things we tasted. Obviously there is too much to taste all of it.

It wasn’t for free but all the dishes were about 6 or 8 euro’s a piece. The dish on the left was a small hamburger from restaurant Sophia with truffelmayonaise and gooseliver. I didn’t particularly liked the gooseliver on top of the beef as it was a bit too creamy for my taste but the truffelmayonaise was delicious, although I wasn’t too impressed with the greyish color of the mayonaise… That’s just a wrong color in food I think!

While the bites were small, they were also quite filling so we didn’t have more then three… ๐Ÿ™ Would loved to have tried some of the others as well!

We spend the last of our coins (you had to buy separate ‘florijnen’ to pay at the various restaurant stands) on a delicious glass of rose. I bought some artisan bread and lovely cheese to take home, so that is what we had for dinner! (well, Tom put something else on the bread as he doesn’t like cheese..)


So all in all it was a fun event and we were lucky to have picked the afternoon as the evening was filled with rain! And since it is outdoors, that is not the best thing… Definitely worth going back there next year. It wasn’t spectaculair but it was a nice way to try out various restaurants for a very small amount of money!

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