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And than there was… stew time

It’s chilly times I’m not a political person.  In fact, I kind of dislike politics. It’s never what you want it to be. Most politicians tell you one thing and than end up doing another thing entirely. But of course I’ve been following the ever so famous US election like everyone else on the planet. It’s pretty much the most…

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Kale salad with blue cheese

I’ve been on an autumn and winter veggies roll lately with pumpkin, salsify, Brussels sprouts and of course kale. Traditionally we eat a lot of kale in the Netherlands mashed with potatoes and served with a ‘rookworst’ (smoked sausage). Totally delicious and perfect for the colder days but sometimes I want something a little different and quite frankly I think…

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DudeFood Tuesday: Naanpizza

I bring you ill tidings, my fellowdudes! This time of year is a terrible time for the DudeFood kitchen. As if we had not tightened our belts enough in the persistent economic recession, this month our house is under the tight reign of losing weight. Ok, it’s January so it is quite obvious that especially the Misses is running high…

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Starter: tomato soup with gorgonzola cream

Tomato soup with roasted bell peppers and a gorgonzola mascarpone cream   I have the same idea every Christmas. I will not be eating too much these days; I will have a regular breakfast, I won’t do any lunch and for dinner I will not be stuffing myself. Soooo… that never worked sofar. The problem is that I just about…

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Pork stew with tomatoes – black box main

I sure hope that dishes like this soon fail to look appealing to me, but as the weather is still close to freezing point here, making a stew is almost the natural thing to do right? In our black box Tom had included pork stew meat (which is most likely called entirely different but for lack of a better description,…

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Sourdough bruschetta

I think I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again; sometimes the best things in life are the simplest things… Now take for example this delicious bruschetta. Made with some of the leftover contents of our fridge and voila, you have a perfect lunch sandwich. Not sure how the weather is in your part of the woods but here…

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Greek salad

Every single time we go to Greece the very first meal I order is a Greek salad. There is nothing better then the taste of those gorgeous tomatoes combined with the salty feta and the juicy cucumbers. Yes, even the cucumbers taste better in Greece! And then enjoying that while the only other sounds are the soft clinging together of…

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