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Halloumi tomato and a little bit of patience

Yesterday it was finally time; after weeks of waiting and thinking and looking at other websites for inspiration I finally received the mockups for the new webdesign… And it’s gonna be prrrrettttty!!! I can’t wait for all the coding and whatever else needs to happen behind the scenes to be ready and I can show you the new site. Because…

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Curried chicken | insimoneskitchen.com
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Daring Cooks; nut butters

I am nuts about nuts… Love them all, although I have a slight allergy for them. Ever heard of the most common allergy which is apple, raisins and walnuts? Well, I have it.. Really nothing serious; but whenever I eat a raw apple or walnut (once used in something I’m fine) my throat, ears and chin start to itch and…

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Caprese sandwich

Why is that the last days before you leave on a trip are always so hectic? And I don’t mean with packing stuff or arranging those last minute things. I’ve travelled enough that I have gotten quite efficient in the packing area, but for some reason people always want to all of a sudden meet, customers decide that NOW is…

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