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Vegan french toast with strawberries

What about the milk? When you first think about going vegan there is probably lots of things going through your mind: what do I do with eggs? How can I survive without milk? Or cheese? Cheese, I have to confess, is probably my worst ‘enemy’ in that respect. I just love it too much. Also I am not 100% vegan…

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rhubarb strawberry jam | insimoneskitchen.com

Rhubarb strawberry jam

Making jam is not something I do very often. Not because it is insanely difficult to do but well, it is just one of those things that I never really get around to doing. But I’ve been into rhubarb madness lately and as things go; when Esmee and I were cooking up a storm last week I had a big…

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Strawberry salad with halloumi

Summery strawberry salad Let me first say that I was really happy with the response I got on my ‘soon-to-be’ new name. I mean, it is one thing to think of something, but something entirely different to announce it to ‘the world’. So thanks guys. Appreciate the feedback, always! Now… in the meantime, I have been a bad girl in…

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Strawberry watermelon popsicles

Who thinks you can only eat popsicles when it is +30 Celsius out there? Anyone in favor please raise your hand… No one right? You all agree that popsicles can go anytime, anyday, anywhere… If you’ve followed me for a while you might have seen some more popsicles pass by over the last couple of years but really, I do…

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Strawberry tiramisu

I feel like it’s been way too long since I posted a proper recipe here… So time for something summery and truly delicious. Strawberry tiramisu..! So far summer or spring rather has been erratic. Warm days mixed with cold and rainy. Unfortunately at the moment we are at the latter of the two, with today being quite miserable. If you…

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Strawberry feta salad

I’m a moron, you know that right? A downright idiot sometimes, if you will. I am impulsive. Act before I think about what I’m doing on many occasions. I change my mind often and radically too. Not to fear though, it usually effects only myself, so any harm done, is usually only done to myself and time spend… 😉 Starting…

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Strawberry yogurt icecream | insimoneskitchen.com
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Strawberry yogurt icecream

Some of you might actually remember that I got an icecream machine for my birthday in february…. And finally, finally I have made my first icecream!! Why so long you wonder? Well, the thing was that our regular freezer has drawers and the icecream bucket or however you call it needs to sit in the freezer for 10 hours prior…

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