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Celeriac soup with crispy bacon bits

I am sure you have seen them here before; celeriac soup recipes. And to be honest; I think you cannot eat too much of this delicious vegetable. It’s pretty versatile too. You can eat it instead of potato puree, you can have it together with potato or make a soup out of it. Ad it to stews and the list…

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Pumpkin celeriac soup | insimoneskitchen.com

Pumpkin celeriac soup

One of the things I really like when cooking is to check my fridge and work with any leftover ingredients. It’s almost like the black box where you have to work with what you get.. ๐Ÿ™‚ But then a little less difficult! The other day we had a meal with entrecote and a sidedish of green cabbage, pumpkin and celeriac….

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Celeriac soup with wild mushrooms

Can someone tell me, please, where the time went?? One day I was thinking; o we have plenty of time before itโ€™s christmas time and the next minute it is only a mere 10 days away!! Ten days people!! That is just waaaay to short. Needless to say that I had a slight burst of pre-christmas anxiety; the part where…

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Plain and boring

Ok, maybe the title is not entirely fair towards this soup as it was actually quite tasty and freshly made. Yesterday was for me Daring Bakers day, so I made the monthly recipe (which you will be able to read all about on the 27th!) and ofcourse there was some tasting and snacking involved… I did actually bring the final…

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