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Asian hamburgers with sticky rice

As if women cannot make good hamburgers… Pffft… That is my reaction after reading Tom’s story on Dude Food Tuesday… Ha! These little Asian flavored darlings didn’t have too much trouble finding their way into his stomach however. Esmee and I made these during our Asian cooking session last week. Very good with sticky rice and green mango salad. The…

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Asian, Recipes

Indonesian lemper with tuna

I have a confession to make; I completely forgot all about the foodblog swap. Not because I never cook anything from the blog of Esmee, but simply because I was busy and did not think about it at all. Now the coincidence is that I got assigned the blog of my friend Esmee. So it wasn’t really an unknown blog…

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Oriental tuna on cucumber

We have an addiction… Well, we have more then one but for the sake of argument let’s focus on this one – fairly harmless one. The addiction is that we love to watch cooking shows. It’s probably a good thing that we do not have something like the food network or the BBC food channel to watch or we would…

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