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Spicy salmonburger in the remake

Spicy salmon burger you’ll want to make again and again! One of the downsides of the life of a foodblogger is the fact that I rarely make a recipe twice. There are a few notable exceptions; success recipes that are so easy and so good that I keep making them. This salmon burger is a prime example of that. It’s…

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Spicy salmon burger

I told you a couple of times before that I’ve only learned to eat fish a couple of years ago. My parents where not the adventurous types when it came to cooking and my mum never really liked cooking in the first place. My dad never cooked much more then pancakes or at least that is what I remember. But…

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Salmon sandwich lunch

Sometimes the simple things in life are one of the best and my lunch of today was no exception. Today is one of those days that I am stuck in the studio all day shooting productphotos of books and paper; arguably not the most exciting material, so I wanted to at least have something good to nibble on for lunch….

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