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Rhubarb strawberry jam

Making jam is not something I do very often. Not because it is insanely difficult to do but well, it is just one of those things that I never really get around to doing. But I’ve been into rhubarb madness lately and as things go; when Esmee and I were cooking up a storm last week I had a big…

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Rhubarb hazelnut cake | insimoneskitchen.com
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Rhubarb hazelnut cake

Rhubarb hazelnut and almond cake And?  Have you gone wild with rhubarb yet? I have been waiting forever (or so it seems) for the  season to start and than I still manage to miss that exact moment that the pretty pink stalks appears in the stores. But they are here; those lovely pink stalks with that amazing flavor that goes…

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Rhubarb souffle for April in Paris

Probably needless to say that this post previously appeared in April of 2012 on Junglefrog Cooking, but considering the rhubarb season I thought it was fitting to repost it now.. 😉 Alors, j’taime Paris… My love affair with France dates back from when I was a little kid. My parents always went to France on holidays. When we were big…

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Rhubarb crumble pie

It looked so pretty in my head. Neatly cut into cubes… Really… I had seen the recipe for this rhubarb crumble on the blog of Ellen from  MadebyEllen. It looked amazing and my father in law would come for dinner so it seemed only logical to make it for dessert, especially since I had rhubarb freshly bought. For main we…

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