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Roasted butternut squash salad

I love autumn… It’s that promising smell in the air of things to come. Leaves falling, temperatures dropping and winter slowly but surely approaching. I also love autumn because it gives a whole new array of fabulous ingredients to work with and pumpkin being maybe the most obvious one. Ok, ok, I know you can buy butternut squash virtually all…

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Pumpkin carrot stew with quinoa

I walk through the isles of the supermarket and for the first time I really see how ridiculously expensive everything is. Not that I shopped blindfolded before, but we’ve always been in the somewhat luxurious position of not having to count every penny we spend. And especially when it comes to food we don’t really pay attention if something is…

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Pumpkin celeriac soup | insimoneskitchen.com

Pumpkin celeriac soup

One of the things I really like when cooking is to check my fridge and work with any leftover ingredients. It’s almost like the black box where you have to work with what you get.. 🙂 But then a little less difficult! The other day we had a meal with entrecote and a sidedish of green cabbage, pumpkin and celeriac….

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