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Dudefood Tuesday: We want Hassel back

Happy New Year!!! You probably heard this one hundred times already this week and all the Dudettes and Misseses have been kissed countless times for best wishes by those men you try to avoid for the best part of the year. Everybody knows those guys (most often your boss) that lurk behind the coffee machine at the office waiting until…

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Dude Food Tuesday: Doggybite Moussaka

“Where did the eggplant go to have a few drinks?” When I start thinking about these kind of jokes I know I am officially BORED. I’m bored, have a temper and I am hungry. It’s been a while since the Misses got the jeepers and started with all kind of healthy ‘veggiejuice’. The whole veggie detox tour was supposed to…

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Delicious potato salade a la Matt Preston | insimoneskitchen.com
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Dudefood Tuesday: Tribute to Matt Preston

It will come as no surprise that this Dude is a big fan of Masterchef Australia in general and a very big fan of Matt Preston in particular. Of course this cooking contest  hosts a lot of macho dudes like Matt Moran, Marco Pierre White en even Gary and George are king of the kitchen in cooking terms.  And even…

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Apple soup | insimoneskitchen.com
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Apple soup or soup from apples…

I can almost hear you thinking; what has gotten into this girl lately?? First strawberry and tomato salad and now soup made from apples?? Well, ok… I admit I sometimes have a thing for the unknown, the weird and the unconventional… 🙂 Or maybe it is just really not that weird when you think about it. Here in the Netherlands…

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Sweetcorn and lentil chowder | insimoneskitchen.com
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Chicken, lentil & sweetcorn chowder

How’s the weather over at your end? Here it is cold and miserable at the moment. There is still snow but it is melting and instead we get rain. I think I prefer the snow to be honest.. 🙂 (did I tell you already that the Dutch are notorious for their complaining about the weather?? It’s never good, too cold,…

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