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Donna Hay Challenge #9 – Goat’s cheese, lemon and pea pasta

If anything became very clear during challenge #8 is that 1. I should not make it too difficult, 2. It helps if I also make the recipe first. 😉 Ok, boys and girls, the message has come across and I will make sure I prepare the recipe myself first and I will not make it too difficult to do. Given…

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Goatcheese lemon pasta

I see a flutter of wings when the magpie family lands on the windowsill right in front of my office window. It’s rainy and windy outside and they’ve taken the liberty to use our windowsill as a hide-out when it gets too wet in the trees. They are curious and I think the reflection in my window prevents them from…

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Green peas with feta | insimoneskitchen.com
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Green peas with feta

I know there have been several occassions that I complained to you about my weight and the eternal struggle to get back to a healthy weight. Well, let me tell you that I am still nowhere near that goal at this point in time. It appears that I just love food too much, but as with everything in life; it…

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Curried chicken | insimoneskitchen.com
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Daring Cooks; nut butters

I am nuts about nuts… Love them all, although I have a slight allergy for them. Ever heard of the most common allergy which is apple, raisins and walnuts? Well, I have it.. Really nothing serious; but whenever I eat a raw apple or walnut (once used in something I’m fine) my throat, ears and chin start to itch and…

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Pasta with bacon peas and ricotta | insimoneskitchen.com
Pasta rice and noodles

Pasta with bacon, peas and ricotta

After working today I figured I wanted something tasty and quick. Quick these days seems to be the major keyword…. 🙂 Tom is out tonight, which meant I get to make things he doesn’t like and he doesn’t like ricotta, so when I saw this recipe in the Good Food of this month, that seemed like the perfect choice. The…

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Asparagus and pea pie with chicken | insimoneskitchen.com
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Chicken, ham & Asparagus pie

See the lovely green color of those peas?? 🙂 I used frozen ones this time! Will not make the mistake of using canned peas (as here) again! Today was a national holiday so we kind of spend the day cooking. Let me be more specific; I have been cooking (and baking) and Tom was busy (spring)cleaning the shed. After all…

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Salad with pea and prosciutto | insimoneskitchen.com
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Prosciutto, pea & mozarella salad with mint vinaigrette

I really felt like eating something healthy today. After a weekend full of unhealthy stuff… it was about time! I had spend the weekend going through my (enormous) pile of cooking magazines and re-organized everything by title. You see; I have this magazine addiction which can take on very large proportions. I have to clean my ‘office’ once every so…

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