Red Lentil soup with cumin

Recently there was a discussion going on in one of the foodblog facebook groups I am part of. The discussion had to do with using recipes from other blogs and when you credit and when not. And if you would use the recipe as it is or always change something etc. You probably heard the discussion before. Which than made…

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Stuffed zucchini | insimoneskitchen.com
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Barchette di zucchine ripiene

Now how very Italian does that title sound?? 🙂 Sooo much better then stuffed zuchini or stuffed courgette, wouldn’t you agree? I just love the Italian language, even though I have absolutely no idea what they are saying except when they say something useful like ‘ciao’ or arriverderci (which I am probably writing down wrong…) Did I tell you already…

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