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Spicy pumpkin soup with yoghurt

I happen to see something in a blogpost this morning that apparently October is pumpkin month. As it is, I will be in a country where I don’t think they are very familiar with pumpkin so you’re just gonna have to let me go wild now. Although I do have to warn you that there are quite a few delicious…

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Chickpea burger a la Plancha

Let’s be honest: there is nothing better than eating a good meal on a summer night in your own garden. Or, well, outside in general really. Since we have finally managed to clean up our garden we love to enjoy it as often as wel can (and try to keep up with those horrible weed! How can they grow so…

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Oeuf en cocotte | insimoneskitchen.com
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Oeuf en Cocotte

I think everyone has moments in a month, a week or a year where cooking seems to take less of a priority due to all sort of different reasons. We’ve lately been having some serious health issues within both Tom’s family as well as my family, which shift the importance of certain things quite dramatically. It’s been busy with other…

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