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Leek soup and happy 2017!

Happy Newyear! I know, I know…. A little late but I still mean it! Does that count? I’m kinda glad the holidays are over and I’m even more glad that 2016 is over. It’s been a rough year with the accident taking up most of my year, my mum dying and lots of revalidation going on. And I’m still working…

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Moo shu – Daring Cooks challenge of october 2011

Yes, you are reading that correctly! In – what seems like forever and is probably close to it anyway – I’ve finally managed to complete a Daring Cooks challenge again! Whoohoo!! I love doing those challenges but sometimes it is just too time consuming to keep up with everything and work at the same time. After a fairly busy summer…

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Remember how we started our pancake adventure around the world with these poffertjes? Then we moved on to Aebleskiver and blini and now it is the turn of Blintzes. The funny thing is that when I looked it up on Wikipedia it actually tells me… that it is the same as blini! But when I type in recipe for blintzes…

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Celeriac soup with wild mushrooms

Can someone tell me, please, where the time went?? One day I was thinking; o we have plenty of time before itโ€™s christmas time and the next minute it is only a mere 10 days away!! Ten days people!! That is just waaaay to short. Needless to say that I had a slight burst of pre-christmas anxiety; the part where…

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